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Forest Management Solutions offers a full range of timberland management and forestry consulting services to a variety of clients throughout western Washington and northwest Oregon.
Timberland Management

We manage your timberland as though we own it ourselves, with underlying tenets of for-profit and in perpetuity.  This statement gives our people a foundation for decision-making and communicates to you a fundamental understanding that we have your best interest in mind at every turn.

- Management Plans and execution

- Contractor selection, negotiation, administration

- Generational ownership transitions

- Acquisition and sale advising


Timber Harvesting

Harvesting your timber is the most significant event that will take place on your tree farm.  Our strong network of log buyers and logging contractors ensures we can maximize your profit when the time comes.

- Harvest planning and layout--thinnings and regeneration 

- Log sales/marketing

- Road construction/reconstruction

Timber Cruising and Valuation

We use Atterbury's SuperAce to compile our cruises

- Land acquisitions

- Timber Sales

- Valuations for estate purposes

- Cost basis estimates


We use ArcGIS mapping software, the industry standard.

- Resource mapping & delineation

- Timber stand type delineation

- Highly accurate acreage calculation

- LiDAR and aerial imagery (photos)


We work with qualified and experienced contractors to accomplish all aspects of reforestation, including:

- Site preparation

- Seedling procurement and planting contractor selection

- Stand monitoring & activity planning

- Competing vegetation Management

- Animal damage control 

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